Follow the adventures of identical twin brothers as they embark on a journey of new experiences. From adjusting to a new father and leaving the life in south, to making new friends in the big city, only to lose them when their neighborhood changes color. A host of fun, trouble and excitement is in store for young readers age 6 through 10.

Keith & Kevin Are Identical Twins

"Keith & Kevin Are Identical Twins" is the first book in the Keith & Kevin limerick series, which follows the childhood of identical twin brothers who grew up in the mid-1960’s to the mid 1970’s. The twins never met their biological father, yet they were blessed to have a stepfather come intro their lives at a very early age.

Keith & Kevin Move to the City

“Keith & Kevin Move to the City” is book 2 in the Keith & Kevin Series. In this edition, the twins move from their small southern town to the big city of Philadelphia where the twins face the consequences of disobedience.

Keith & Kevin and the Big Gray Building

“Keith & Kevin and the Big Gray Building” is book 3 in the Keith & Kevin limerick series. After being home schooled for kindergarten, the twins nervously enter first grade at a new school. Keith lets his nerves and his temper get the best of him and as a result, finds himself in trouble on his first day of school.

Keith & Kevin and the Hospital Switch

“Keith & Kevin and the Hospital Switch” is book 4 in the Keith & Kevin series. The twins are so bored they decide to go on an adventure in the basement, which leads to danger and a trip to the hospital. Sick or not, one twin tries to get his brother to take a needle in the arm in his place!

Keith & Kevin and the Santa Claus Mystery

"Keith & Kevin and the Santa Claus Mystery" finds the twins excited about Christmas but not without a lot of questions about the mystery of Santa Claus. They soon learn the true meaning of Christmas and the origin of gift-giving. Read every book to follow all of their adventures as they explore a world of experiences, excitement and double trouble!